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About Digital Element

Digital Element is the global leader and industry pioneer of IP geolocation technology. Our IP Intelligence solution is deployed by the world's leading ad networks, broadcasters, publishers, e-commerce sites, analytics providers, cybersecurity companies, fintech organisations, government & military departments and more.

What can our NetAcuity® IP location data do for your company?

IP geotargeting allows companies to deliver relevant advertising and content in a simple, cost effective and privacy sensitive manner - tailored to users' locations at the moment when it's most relevant, as well as identify and act on suspicious internet connections in real time.

Example applications include:

Target Online Advertising

Localise Content

Enhance Analytics

Simplify Mobile Targeting

Manage Digital Rights

Enhance Cybersecurity

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Digital Element, The Global Leader in IP Geolocation

Our products require a reliable and trusted source of data, and Digital Element’s impressive client list is a statement that its IP geolocation data has integrity. The company’s client services have been impeccable with quick, responsive, and direct answers to all our questions.

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