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About Digital Element

Digital Element is the global leader and industry pioneer of IP geolocation technology. Our IP Intelligence solution is deployed by the world's leading ad networks, broadcasters, publishers, e-commerce sites, analytics providers, cybersecurity companies, fintech organisations, government & military departments and more.

What can our NetAcuity® IP location data do for your company?

IP geotargeting allows companies to deliver relevant advertising and content in a simple, cost effective and privacy sensitive manner - tailored to users' locations at the moment when it's most relevant. As well as identify and act on suspicious internet connections in real time.

Example applications include:
Target Online Advertising

Deliver hyperlocal offers and charge up to 50% more for advertising inventory.

Localise Content

Increase online engagement and improve response rates by up to 300%.

Enhance Analytics

Better predict user behaviour based on geo/demographic segments.

Simplify Mobile Targeting

Provide location-relevant content with no user opt in required.

Manage Digital Rights

Control distribution of digital media based on user location.

Enhance Cybersecurity

Validate user location for mission-critical security applications.

Our products require a reliable and trusted source of data, and Digital Element’s impressive client list is a statement that its IP geolocation data has integrity. The company’s client services have been impeccable with quick, responsive, and direct answers to all our questions.
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Digital Element’s NetAcuity solution provides us with a highly accurate and comprehensive global database, and their solution was easy to integrate with our delivery systems. We also receive great customer service, and the other intelligence data variables.
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Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge™ technology provides us with the most accurate data available, enabling us to operate with confidence that we are offering the best experience possible as well as remaining compliant with any geographic restrictions.
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We evaluated Digital Element against other top competitors, NetAcuity IP Intelligence technology delivered the most accurate and deepest data elements.
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The ability to enhance our ad targeting down to the postcode level allows us to optimise execution of client campaigns and deliver better results.
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Digital Element pioneered the process of linking an IP address to a geographic location and specialises in keeping the information current and accurate.
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Some of our Clients...
The defacto standard in IP geolocation.

Covers 99.999% of the global IP space.


99.99% at a country level, 98%+ regional level and 97%+ city level, globally.


Up and running in as little as 20 minutes.

Customer Support

Dedicated specialist support.

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